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To fully participate in improving the mental health of our people by providing substance abuse and mental health wellness services to patients and their families

About Us

We are a private Rehabilitation Centre that provides personalised Mental Health care, promotes wellbeing, and positive transformation.

Our Facilities

Our facility is tucked away from the busy vicinity of Entebbe Road, in the quiet suburb of Rubereto Road. The grounds allow for sports activities including, Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, a light Gym, and indoor educational games and activities are in sufficient supply. The boarding facility, which intentionally and clearly demarcates the boys and girls rooms is clean, comfortable and spacious. The library is equipped with monitored computers and carefully selected reading materials.

Our Location

Plot 4986
Roberto Road, Bwebajja
Kampala, Uganda

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Our Services


We use multiple approaches to treat our Clients. A comprehensive holistic approach to substance abuse is most effective at treating addiction at its core.

BreakFree Lifestyle

Quiet, serene, private environment, open spaces, fresh air, peaceful, and homely, characterises Break Free. The day starts with personal grooming, breakfast, and meditation


At Break Free we follow a well-structured menu. We purposefully avoid dietary patterns that typically lead to obesity, diabetes, and other physical/mental health problems.

Why Us

Treatment at BreakFree is finely structured to fit the mental, physical, and emotional needs of individuals of all ages. We offer the best opportunity for the individual to emerge from treatment of substance abuse and its adverse effects, into sustainable recovery.

Substance Abuse

This refers to excessive use and dependence on alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs, etc.


This plays a major role in the development of addiction and thus helps in understanding the causes of addiction


This describes the set of symptoms one's body experiences after they suddenly stop or reduce chronic use of drugs or alcohol


This s a psychologcal wthdrawal syptom described by individuals struggling with substance abuse as the urge to consume drugs or alcohol at whatever cost.

Our Team

Break Free is privileged to have a team that shares a powerful passion for people suffering from the ravaging effects of Substance Abuse on the client, and the family. Each Professional is trained and experienced in their field, and committed to making a difference in our community.

Lindsey k. nzeyi

Executive Director

Albert Louis Elwa


Paul Waluya


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Plot 4986, Roberto Road, Bwebajja , Kampala, Uganda.

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